It truly has been a bit of a crap day, the loss of Smudge has been tempered a bit by the knowledge that we will be getting a kitten in a couple of months.

The vet was lovely, she allowed us in the room with him when he went, she wasn’t supposed to, due to Covid restrictions, but it really did help us.

We have had him since 2005. We hand reared him and half the litter from about a week old. He was the runt if the litter and the vet warned us that he might not see out the night. Ironically he is the last survivor of the litter. When they came to us they were dirty grey wriggling things. They had been fed cows milk and kept in newspaper, so they got a bath in an ice cream tub. He is called smudge as we couldn’t get the muck off his nose, then we realised he was actually black and white.

We lost the first of his litter at six weeks and tabby at 9 years… he was called tabby as he was the tabby kitten that we weren’t keeping…🙄.

He would have been sixteen this October, my wife was heavily pregnant when we got them, she reckoned that as she couldn’t sleep then she might as well feed kittens overnight.

So here he is the daft old softy…

21 thoughts on “A Crap Old Day

  1. Sorry for your loss, know that you did the right thing. I’ve had to the the same with several cats and dogs over the years, it never felt good when you have to make the decision, but time will remind you that it was what was best.

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  2. Sorry, it’s always so hard when one of them goes. That you got to share your lives and Smudge had a good safe home and great life is something to always remember.

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  3. Sorry mate , its never easy , it’s a good idea to get a new one to distract the youngsters, but I’m sure old Smudge will remain in your memory as that’s a long time to have a cat cobber🤓

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