So this evening I managed to get somewhere with the first four bases of heavies…

Nowhere near finished, but definitely a lot less white on them than yesterday… there is a great deal of bronze on these, as one might expect. Hopefully the shield transfers will brighten the front ends up a bit.

I got a parcel today, my new motherboard has arrived…

I am a bit nervous putting it in, as the printer is still under warranty… okay to be fair we are sitting at 10 months since I had it, so the warranty is close to the end, but this is new tech too and, although I have built a pc years ago, I am just a bit twitchy that I will balls it up.

I decided not to do it this evening as I wanted something to distract me tomorrow, unfortunately my old cat, who we hand raised from two weeks is having to go to the vets, and I am thinking that it will be a one way journey for him. He is now 16 years old and his mental faculties are really starting to go, he will start shouting for us when he has lost us, problem is we are in the room with him. He will then chase me to feed him, after I have just fed him. He is starting to poop wherever he is, often a couple of feet away from the litter tray, we have so many now because he was doing it in every room. He attacked the dog yesterday for no apparent reason… as. A vet friend said, better a day to early than a day too late. I know it is for the best, but my kids are going to be devastated. I really do think we have run out of straws to clutch at.

15 thoughts on “More Work on the Greeks

  1. I’ve been there myself mate, and it’s never easy, but you just have to look at the quality of life they are having and make a decision. Easy to say I know, but I have to agree with your vet friend better a day early than a day late.

    Nice work on the Greeks by the way, and I know what you mean with the mother board, we fitted a second hard drive to my sons PC last year and that was nerve wracking enough!

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Really sorry to hear about your cat. That is always a really tough situation. I hope that you can figure out what to do and that everyone is at peace with the decision. That is often the best you can hope for in the circumstances.

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  3. Oh shit mate that’s so sad mate ,really hard on the kids but they are the ones that usually bounce back quicker than us adults, I’m not looking forward to being in your situation as I have strangely become very fond of my daughters cat, I feel she has had my measure and has me eating out of he hand, my wife had her weighed and she is a bit over ! apparently i’m to blame ,something about all the treats I give her!!

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