I didn’t get a huge amount done on the Greeks tonight, but I did re fix about half a dozen back onto their bases and then make a start on the heavies…

I think I am going to do them in groups of four bases at a time so that it doesn’t feel like an uphill task… probably will anyway 🥴

My order from Geek Gaming arrived today and I want a bit of advice as to what basing material to use…

These are The Mediterranean base ready and the Arid base ready. I really like the Mediterranean one as it is brighter, but in reality it would probably look more like the one on the right… my other option is the paint the base brown and put patches of foam flock on as I have done with other ones…

Okay, these are 10mm but you can see the idea…

I also got the helmet sprayed with a filler spray and then a black undercoat, I will see about getting it painted this weekend.

7 thoughts on “It’s All (Still) Greek to Me

  1. I’ve got the Mediterranean mix to try and I like the look of it – my only concern is that with the different sizes/weights of the different bits in the mix it won’t end up going on evenly e.g. I’ll end up with loads of fine grassy and sandy bits but not much rock (if that makes sense)! I’d always go with a brown basecoat of some sort before putting on scatter.

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  2. I like the Mediterranean mix best but I think a mix of the two should look great as well. I look forward to seeing how you use this stuff from GSW!


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