Tonight I got the old helmet outside and put a sanding disk on and got rid of the weird welded look, problem was the gaps were still there in some places which was a right pain… so anyway after a bit of head scratching and, to be frank, swearing. I came up with a plan to try and cover it with PVA…

Hopefully it will cover the cracks… I also smoothed out the rough foam and rounded out bits to make them more natural looking… it really helped with the eye sockets.

I also managed to get the light Infantry just about finished…

Of course I do have my trusty reference material handy 😂 I actually bought this years ago as I was doing some stuff in Greeks in a school and wanted some useful snippets of information.

6 thoughts on “Greeks and the Helmet

  1. I really need to pick up some of those books. Would be great for painting reference, shield designs, etc. I think my main problem is trying to decide just what books to buy, and I then give up because I want too many of them.

    I think that helm is going to turn out pretty awesome.

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      1. You have any favorite ones by chance? I’m thinking I should just buy a few at a time, and slowly build up a library. Mostly for inspiration for Fantasy games.


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