Look at that, 22.00 and I am already in bed… I spent most of the day trying to finish off the conservatory, but I did have time to rescue the mage and Fey archer…

Look, look she has two arms!

I am not sure why it worked this time, but I did add in some extra supports on the troublesome arm.

I also achieved a shield…. along with lots of weapons… as it worked, I did a second set and am printing a third now.

The small lumps are left and right hands to allow some left/right handed militia. Tomorrow I am going to do some heads and then some bodies. I am also going to try using some weapons from the riders set I have from Iain’s ranges.

Back to work tomorrow so the kids decided on a pre school feast…

We had loaded potato skins for starters, Ramen as a main course then sticky toffee pudding for desert with a cheese/meat board with crackers later on.

Hopefully I will get something painted tomorrow… this made me chuckle…

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