Today I sorted out another set of weapons only to find that the spear was in the left hand, the ball and chain snapped again, but the shields are now three for three…

I decided to print the heads as I said I would, the printer decided otherwise, I fought with it for about 40 minutes before it gave in and let me do anything.

I attempted o contact Anycubic, however this was not as easy as it would seem, the First Lady to reply said as it was a technical issue then to contact the tech department on the link she sent, so after giving my name, where I got it from, the tag number etc, etc, etc. I duly filled all of this in and entered the code, which failed and the form did not auto save, after about 8 tries I gave up and re contacted Natalia, who came back and said she would fill it in for me, providing I gave her my name, where I got it from, the tag number etc, etc, etc. Hopefully something will come of this as I am honestly spending more time trying to get a resin printer to print something than I am fiddling with an Ender 3.

The heads are still printing, so here are the first of my militia at 85% full size….

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