I really did, well technically I printed myself an ass, or perhaps it is a donkey…

I also managed to get a successful print of the 85% dwarf and Ranger. I did a militia miniature too, just forgot a left hand! More importantly, I actually managed to get the 85% mage done along with the elf archer. I tried another shield with added supports and it still failed, as did a spear for another militia mini.

One of the biggest problems I have is working out what the different bits of the miniature looks like, so at Lunchtime I basically opened the bits up in 3D builder and took a screen shot. I now have a reference to allow me to build the various bits from this set.

I also managed to get the FDM print done. It took 20 plus hours, but I am pleased with it…

The roof comes off the cottage too…

I cracked on With the conservatory and have got the ceiling finished. I ran out of longer nails for the nail gun and couldn’t get them locally so I had to fasten the thing up by using a hammer and brads… oh ye gods I ache now! I cannot actually move my right arm without yelping…

Today was also a day of weather…

These two photos were taken half An hour apart, there was about half an inch of snow down. We were cutting insulation and had to pack in as the snow was just covering it faster than we could wipe it off. So we went in for a cuppa and came back to a total lack of snow and bright sunshine.

10 thoughts on “Today I made an Ass for Myself

  1. I have to say mate I do love your erratic climate shots! When I decided to move here I wanted to know if there was f…k wind as I hate it and Melbourne was full of it! Oh no its very still in Castlemaine the statics said ! its been blowing a gale since we arrived , the local are blaming me for bringing it up !

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