Today has been a busy one and I bloody ache!. We have only got the ceiling to do on the conservatory now, we have everything we need so we are going to crack on with it tomorrow. In between cups of tea and hammering I got this little thing printed from Iain Lovecraft’s frost…

This gibbet has a corpse in it (not sure how I am going to paint it). I am printing a different one off right now. I also managed to get a smidge of painting done on the Chaos Marines…

As I was painting them it suddenly came to me in a flash of … of.. what the **** am I thinking about now… these guys must have bespoke armour, the chances of finding someone (or something) that has spike coming out of the same bit is highly unlikely. So if Mozarg the unclean has his armour blown off then how on Earth or planet Mogadoooo for that matter is he going to get another bit. Sorry random bollocks break is now over.

I also managed to get the War dancer printed… however sadly the mage is still armless, I also snapped the foot off the paladin….

For some reason I printed the same lot off again so now have two of the witchhunter etc. The zweihander snapped on the Lanschnect …again. Tomorrow if the weather allows then I am just going to print the Mage and see if I can add in some other supports.

Unfortunately the heater in the shed packed in today, tripped the RCD and caused both printers to stop, the resin one, which had been temperamental all day restarted itself and the Ender restarted where it left off. Because I had been in the bath when it blew, I had to let the temperature come back up again. In this case I had to snip off a lump of filament where the print head had stopped. It seems to be going okay, my only concern is that it is going to run out of filament overnight… wish me luck!

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