Wind is picking up again. I decided to try and get a bit more done on the foam helmet. I have pretty much had to make it up as I went along….

I printed another top for the coffin. This time I did it on its edge and it has helped with the top layers. The ironing didn’t really work. I could have increased the top layers as well as the infil. But this has worked so I am leaving it be…

Left to right…Original, ironed and vertical

I was going to print some more ruins today, but I had to cut the power to do some more work on the electrics in the conservatory… basically I wanted to cut down the length of the cable as I just shoved it in to begin with. I didn’t want to spoil an 18 hour print, by switching things off…again!

Tomorrow I will try and get some painting done, as well as print some more cool stuff (weather dependant).

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