Today we are in the eye of the storm so it has been relatively calm, it is blowing back up again tomorrow. So The kids decided they wanted to go and hang out in town, the two eldest went off for a mooch and my son and I went to Tesco… his choice not mine. He had compiled a recipe list and tomorrow he is making us sticky toffee pudding.. so I really cannot complain. I also went and got some more Contrast paint… it suddenly dawned on me that I now have the entire range apart from one colour… looks like I quite like them.

I managed to get these printed…

The left hand side of the smaller two is for a mate at the club. The big one is a mash up of the right hand top and an open tomb from somewhere else. I put these together in Cura to merge them. I love the open tomb as it has a skeleton inside and also a removable sword… the guy said that he did it as any RPG group is going to take the sword so it might as well be detachable. The open one will go into my ‘Mordheim’ town. The biggest problem I had with these was a naff top layer…

Now I can probably either turn on the ironing option in Cura or add some more top layers. I will have to have a think which it will be.

I managed to get some painting done too…

I am certainly making slow progress on these. I will have to work on the tentacles and claw hands but I am sure I will get there soon.

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