Today was another rotten day, wind up to 60mph and snow. You would imagine on Shetland that we would be used to it, but in fact it is a bit unusual, we will have one or the other, but not normally both. After yesterday’s bus incident, it was nearly a case of me joining them. We were running a bit low on feed for the horses so I braved the elements to get it, actually going into town wasn’t too bad, coming back was a nightmare. I was pooling along at 30mph like a good boy and came up to a long drift, as soon as my wheels hit it the wind caught the car on the side and caused it to shimmy, meaning the back end decided that it wanted to go first. Luckily there was nothing coming the other way so I managed to go wide and come back onto my side of the road. No harm done, but I did need to change my underwear when I got back.

It certainly isn’t a good day to be a sailor off Shetland too…

So when I came back we had a power cut for a couple of hours, my family were lovely and rushed to warn me that the printer would not be working. I got some bits and pieces sliced. I would not however want to be the man up the telegraph pole trying to get the power back on in 60mph winds, so Kudos to them.

It was so cold that I couldn’t even use my squirty foam to sort out gaps in the insulation in the conservatory. I just realised that I could have actually lit the fire in there and warmed up the foam… ahhh hindsight is a great thing!

This evening I did manage to get some painting done, just about finished the cultists as well as the Flamboyant dwarf…

Whilst pa noting these I chose a random Netflix film… ‘The Silence’. I can honestly say it wasn’t much to write home about, and this is coming from someone who will watch pretty much anything. I just got to the point where I thought it was getting to the main part of the film and realised that it had 16 minutes left.

10 thoughts on “Painting, a Bad Case of Wind and Snow

      1. I’m sure your lot are a hardy mob so I’m certain you’ll do fine , I don’t think I would’ve do to well being a weakling when it comes to the cold😉

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