Well my printer has just passed its 25th hour straight. Another five and it should be finished. I took a couple of photos, there were going to be four barrels, but two popped off the build plate early on and one of these dropped off right at the end of printing. For some reason the little building which is 40% it’s original size (my goat shed) has warped on one corner…

I also decided to try something a bit more complex this evening and gave a helmet a go… it certainly leaves a lot to be desired, but hey you have to start somewhere.

I need to practice vertical cuts and make sure that I spread the contact adhesive out more evenly, but it is mad of some sheets of EVA that I have had for at least three years, so no harm done. I am still amazed that this came from a flat sheet of foam. The bit on the top is going to be a top ridge with built in nasal guard. I will make cheek pieces and a neck guard too.

On a totally different subject, this is my 601st post in a row. Probably 500 more than there should have been I hear you cry! However, I have had 25000 views and 8018 visitors. Which is pretty awesome. So a big thank you to everyone who pops in to look and leaves a comment too.

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