Well if you remember, yesterday I was busy printing my 6mm temple. I got the base and walls done…

I was immensely pleased with the result, so today I set about printing the roof. Now because the corners come in two parts, I decided to save time (bad idea) and print them like they come in the package. This is vertically on the end. Now I was a bit concerned that there wouldn’t be much contact between the edge of the roof and the build plate so I added a raft to help out. This adds a fair old bit of time to the print, but it does generally help… except today. I came in at the four and a half hour mark to find this shit storm happening…

I swore…lots!

I haven’t got a clue what the heck happened, but it would seem one of them has come adrift and then things have snowballed from there. So this evening I built everything in 3D builder, and have placed it as it would appear on the building. I have once again added a raft, but have also added supports too. Just in case… it is now a 10 hour plus print, b7t hopefully it will be okay.

Now onto the printing success… I backed a Kickstarter called the Frost. This is by a very talented artist called Duncan Lovecraft. He does some amazing stuff… As part of the Kickstarter he had a grab bag of goodies so for the hell of it I printed a couple of dwarves, these are lovely….

One is the bog standard adventurer dwarf and the other is a Landsknecht dwarf… I just thought he looked funky. This Kickstarter attracted my attention as I fancied playing Mordheim again and Lo and behold it has a pile of suitable miniatures, as well as some great terrain, that will also work for Frostgrave.

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