Tonight we didn’t eat until late so, I didn’t get that much time to get a lot done. I tried some more Contrast, but once again it was a right mess. So out came the paint and while the Contrast was still wet I shoved it on over the top. A big thank you to everyone who sent their yellow vibes after yesterday’s post 🤟.

I will work on highlights and shading tomorrow and see how it looks. I had a close look at the undercoated miniatures and the paint has spattered onto them so they are a bit bumpy. I will see how they paint up soon. I really just need to decide on colours…. in a fit of efficiency one of the ‘nids’ is now sporting a funky flesh tearer red colour scheme.

I have decided that an early night is in order and I am going to take Mordheim for a read. A couple of kickstarters are now finished and I shall be firing up the printers today. In fact I had the Ender stripped down a bit and installed a new Bowden tube as well as a new nozzle. I decided not to use the original filament as it seemed a bit brittle. Problem is the new one had a hole in the bag so might be exactly the same.

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