Tonight I did some highlighting on the yellow. I also managed to get some gold onto the standard bearer too…

Really, really miffed that I missed the bloody crack on the yellow neck. I am not sure what to do to get rid of it.

Once this is dry I will get a glaze on the yellow and a wash on gold detail on the blue.

I will also work on the red alien in the background. I must also get back into the Genestealer cult. I reckon the annoyance of the yellow put me off painting things for a while. I honestly couldn’t face them.

Hopefully I will crack on with things this weekend.

On the upside, things are getting lighter here now, there was still a bit of light sky in the West at 19.00 this evening. It will soon be daylight 23 hours a day.

10 thoughts on “Back with the Yellow

  1. The yellow does look a lot better now, how about running a little PVA glue into the gap with the tip of a small brush?

    Weather was rotten here yesterday, was dark by 3.00pm and high winds too, we had council tree surgeons just over from our house hanging off of a crane and chopping broken limbs off the trees till 9,00pm last night, wouldn’t have fancied it myself in the wind and lashing rain!!

    Wirral council have been sued a couple of time in the past for people getting killed with falling tree limbs in high winds due to lack of tree maintenance, and we have quite a lot of trees round here.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Fine surface polyfilla should fill the crack enough to not be noticeable, or even a small roll of Blu-Tak pushed in. I’ve used both before and they’ve worked fine. 23 hours of daylight you say? My wife would hate it as she loves complete darkness to sleep, but then she is from Africa and 12 hour nights!

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  3. Others have made some great suggestions but I can throw one more out there. I often use Matte Varnish straight from Vallejo’s dropper bottle to fill gaps like that. You can apply it in layers until it is gone and just reapply the yellow paint over it and you’re good to go!

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