Yes it is now official…I hate yellow, this came about after repainting this back end of the horse about 4 times this evening and it is still no further forward. To be honest it is a big old bit of horse backside to contend with so the yellow Contrast was going to struggle.

I think it looks better than yesterday’s attempt…

I am going to leave it for a bit and see what I think. It definitely looks more yellow than the calf with scour colour that appeared yesterday. I really gave it a bloody good shake this evening. Option two is a coat of flash gits yellow (ordinary paint..or layer as GW call it) with the yellow Contrast over the top.

When I said I had ‘x’ amount to paint on the table, I forgot about this lot. Funnily enough, the scouts were going to be yellow… not any more! In fact I probably could have painted them in the time it has taken me to do a square inch of yellow cloth…

I am too tired to carry on tonight so I will bash on tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “I Hate Yellow!

  1. Yellow and white are tough. I don’t have any experience with contrast paints, so all I can speak to is normal paints. I always find a base-layer of a more opaque color helps. I tend to use browns for warm yellows and whites; And red or pink for cooler shades.
    Good luck!

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  2. Yeah, yellow is tricky at the best of times.
    For something like this, I’d probably go white, then yellow over the top, then pre-highlight with a white-yellow like GW Dorn Yellow as a big-ol’ horse-butt-drybrush and then try the Contrast Yellow with 50-50 Contrast Medium and just be careful to guide it down to the folds in the cloth and keep the main area of horse-butt-flank relatively clean.

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  3. Yellow a sod of a colour as it is quite a thin pigment, so takes quite a few layers, even with a spray gun, to get the right amount of depth, even over a white primer. These days I use and ochre base and then highlight over that. Nor perfect but fine for 10mm figures.

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  4. There’s a Goobertown video of him painting yellow over pink, which worked, but it was done using an airbrush and I haven’t tried to replicate it myself yet using brushes. Usually I start with light brown but it doesn’t always end up how I want.

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  5. I do like yellow – when I finally get done with it. Had a lot on my Aztecs and that took some experimentation, ditto to what Az said on Contrast medium. I also found inks and glazes can be quite useful too.

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