Today I found some EPVC that was very handily pre cut, so I ended up making two ‘things’ to paint a number of miniatures on the painting handle. The problem is that the plastic base I used was rounded and doesn’t really sit that snugly in the cradle. But without further ado, please find painting strip 1.0…

Upon saying the above, the base does hold itself in there, one just has to make sure it is in the right place before painting begins. The minis are just bluetacked onto the Plastic and there is enough room between them to get the brush in. I decided to go for two smaller ones than one longer one as I felt it would become too unwieldy.

So the miniatures above are the last three to go. Okay the little weird cherub needs doing but he is pretty much there compared to the rest of them.

All of them still have bits and pieces to paint, but they are getting close to being finished now.

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