I managed to get some paint done on some more of the Sisters this evening… this had the added advantage of CAKE!

Just a small piece for me 😉

So after scoffing the cake, which was very yummy, I got on with some more work on the ladies and managed to get quite a bit done, problem is quite a bit in this situation was a lot of fiddly bits. Something is better than nothing I suppose…

After a few days of feeling I was getting nowhere, I suddenly felt like that there might be an light at the end of the tunnel. They still have a very long way to go but I now feel like the corner has been turned. That is now seven of the ten are at this level of completeness. I really do think that psychologically it is because I have painted the hair.

Now I still have a whole load of things left to paint for my mate, this includes the Cadian command squad and some Ice Troopers I think, these are the metal ones (I hope) so no fiddly builds.

I really do think that I need to come up with a process or some kind of organisational system to get things painted in a sensible way. Whereas I quite like jumping about it means that things don’t get finished. I have a box of resin prints still sitting there, the printer hasn’t been on for weeks now and I am making a conscious effort not to turn it on as, truth be told I have too much crap printed already. I did have to slap myself a few times to avoid printing the new Wargs and Goblins from the Printing Goes Ever On…

9 thoughts on “A Few More Sisters

  1. Oh man, cake and painting! You must have been a good boy!
    I hear you on project jumping, I took the extreme measure of using a project management tool – it’s not perfect, but it does make me think through each project. Good luck with what works for you!

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  2. If you could plan ahead with the cake that would help! If we know when you’re planning on having cake we’ll makes sure our on-line supermarket order includes some so I can have a good scoff after seeing you post cake pics! As for planning progress with your figures and painting, good luck with that! 😉

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