Tonight I didn’t really get a lot of time to get some painting done as I was playing Tiny Epic Dinosaurs with the kids…

I then managed to get a smidge done on the miniatures… sadly when it came to the red, I was merrily shaking it only to find that the top wasn’t on properly. My hand looked like I had severed an artery somewhere!

I bet you cannot tell where I placed the pot when I realised it was leaking everywhere. Anyway, as I said not a huge amount done, but I did the leatherwork and added some more red to things. The yellow monstrosity on the right hand miniature will be repainted with alacrity!

Sadly I still have another six to paint, and I also forgot to use the mini holder… in hindsight this was the reason I didn’t get one in the first place.. it had dawned on me then that I tend to batch paint colours and in dosing so would probably spend more time getting miniatures in and out than actually painting them.

So I have this conundrum and would like to know why no one seems able to cook umber properly…

Another week of teaching from home begins tomorrow, going into work first thing, but mainly a week sat at the kitchen table answering emails and messages from the kids.

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