So both Eric and Roger commented to say That they thought that the Sister of Battle had very small heads, now I had wondered that when I was building them and though that in my case it was an optical illusion due to the wide shoulder pads…(flashback to Dallas and Dynasty there)… anyway I had a mooch in my miniatures and came across a plastic Space Marine Scout and a Primaris and put them next to each other for a comparison…

They do indeed have teeny heeds! Now to start off with I couldn’t find the Primaris, so thought that the older chunkier miniature might have a bigger head due to the moulding process, but nope the little sister has indeed got a smaller head than the Primaris. Now I have no idea as to why this is, my good lady is 5 feet tall and I am 5.10 yet we still wear the same sized riding hat, must be all her PhD brains in there. So why do sisters of Battle have little heads? I will compare when I get the guardsmen to paint from my mate and see if their heads are any smaller.

Tonight, whilst painting, I watched Doomsday, a rather silly post apocalyptic film, but enjoyable nonetheless. It did mean that I got some more work done on the Sisters…

As you can see I got some armour wash onto the back two weapons, I will sort the others tomorrow. Mainly tonight was painting white. I learned an important lesson in this process. Leave the backpack thingy off until the end, to make painting easier. I would have done the same with the arms, but as they were an absolute nightmare, I stuck them down. The other thing to remember is actually leave the base off too, that way getting up under the robes is a whole lot easier… we’ll we live an learn as the saying goes.

Today I had to go into town and decided to get a pot of GW white paint 🙄 as it is a bit thinner than my craft paint and would be easier to paint on, I noticed one of those GW painting handles and thought that as I was painting a lot of 28mm at the moment then I would give it a try…

Problem was I forgot it was there, and I forgot about the white paint too! Me excuse is that I am a knacker!

It is quite comfy in the hand, what I am going to do is is somehow fasten a piece of wood to a plastic base and then use it to hold a number of miniatures as taking them in and out is annoying… wish me luck.

As my kids are still awake, I may have to use this Larson Technique from the Far Side.

11 thoughts on “Ladies with Small Heads

      1. Yeah I actually like it, it fits in the hand well and doesn’t give me cramp trying to hang onto the plastic base. I am going to get a plastic base and see if I can make a multi base holder.

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