Tonight I got a bit of work done on the Knight and entourage….

Still a long old way to go, but I am definitely getting there. I darkened down the metalwork, unfortunately I had to use Contrast paint and some medium to get it more like a wash than a paint and it seemed to work. I will work the highlights in when I next get onto him.

I found this a bit sad, when old arch enemies meet up and cannot settle their differences… it is a sad, sad world at times…

Sorry… couldn’t resist it! 😂

To make up for it here are a couple of friends getting ready for the snow rolling in…

We got about an inch of snow, the gritters were pre gritting at 14.00, by time we came back from the horse at 18.00 the snow had melted but had then refrozen and we were driving a sledge at times. Interestingly the took the 21.00 bus off for safety reasons which is fine, but did it at 20.50, meaning all those people who work shifts were stuck in town… sometimes you cannot make things up.

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