Tonight after various shenanigans I managed to get some paint onto the Knight and entourage. This was mainly gold to be honest…

I feel like they are starting to come together now. Still always to go, but a good old way towards finishing. I reckon if I cracked on tomorrow I might even get them finished.

My mate came up with a deal today when we did a little video chat. If I paint up the rest of his GW stuff then he will give me his Aliens Gear, that seems a good deal for me as he has some stuff I cannot get anymore and also has an APC. Talking of his figures…

I also got some black added to the sister of Battle. I forgot that the gloves need to be white, but you know…

That highlight on the cloak needs sorting out… it looks great at six feet…honest!

We did have some snow today and as per normal the gritters came at around 11.30 this morning as we are category 3. The joke here is that the graveyards get done before us! Anyway so for all you Australian types and people in other warm places…. I give you Snow… sadly not a huge amount, but enough to make the place white…

5 thoughts on “Gold on the Green Knight

  1. Looking rather nice so far, sounds like a good deal with the Aliens stuff too.

    They are threatening snow here in the North West later, mind you the sun is blazing away at present, they did have a bit in Warwick yesterday according to my son.

    Cheers Roger.

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