So I did some more work on the horse and also another redo of the Knight. They, and the shields, got another coat or two of Green. I also repainted the metalwork on the Knight using a darker metallic to allow me to highlight easier.

I survived the first day back at work, not sure whether it was the water over there for my tea breaks, but flippin heck I have had to leg it to the loo a fair bit today (not that you needed to know that). It would seem that I won’t be having any kids in my school until 1st February at the earliest.

So I have it a figure order in for four miniatures as I heard that Alternative Armies have a super rare one that I have been after for ages… that New Years resolution lasted a long time didn’t it!

5 thoughts on “Green Knight… More Work Needed

  1. The knight is looking good so far. Let’s hope they don’t send the kids back too soon. I’m a bit tired of seeing how kids don’t get sick/pass it on from idiot politicians…

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