Today I managed to get some work done on the knights and the Sisters. As it was bright I went into the conservatory and worked in there until the light started to fail.

Now as I have a lot of minis and a lot of paint I needed a system to get them from house to conservatory and back again… my good lady to the rescue…

A good while ago we bought this oven dish that didn’t fit the oven so, it is now my carting stuff about tin.

After dinner I managed to watch Coco a very moving tale about a small Mexican boy that wasn’t allowed music and at the same time I managed to get some more work done on the things started earlier.

I still haven’t decided on the colours of the actual knight yet. At this rate he Will end up being green just to get him finished! Hopefully I will come up with a colour scheme that I like. He was originally red and blue, but I don’t think that will work, or rather it didn’t last time!

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