Well okay not anywhere near true, I managed loads today, just not Painting miniatures. I would have done some but I was out on the conservatory roof again (and will be on there again tomorrow). My fingers are aching so I decided to give them a rest. As some of you may remember, I had a drip in the roof and it went away, then decided to come back. So today in a fit of either pique or even keenness I got up there and ripped the roofing felt off above the leak to see what the heck was going on.

Once I managed to find the drip from the top I then traced it back up the roof. Sadly this meant I had to take more felt off. So in the end I had removed a third of it (luckily I had enough spare to cover what I took off.

Anyway regarding the Knight, after saying he wouldn’t be green, I am now swinging back the other way and am probably going to do him in shades of it. I kept coming up with ideas and to be honest the ideas looked a bit naff.

The feathers will be a darker green and the trappings brighter with a white bridle and silver of gold fleur de lys on it. This will speed up painting to be sure 😂.

And finally, once again I was in the wrong place at the wrong time!


Story of my life!

Since writing I hadn’t done anything I thought I had better get my arse into gear and do something, not a lot, but some progress was made…

Interestingly enough the shield and painted knight were the colours he was in originally …. errr yuk! I seem to be missing my Brettonian shields so I have had to make do with one from my ancient bits box. I actually think it suits the foot sergeant.

The other thing I found was this….

Somewhere a young lady is missing a horse!

And finally, this made me laugh (or wince perhaps)…

Me, whenever I read a magazine or watch YouTube

4 thoughts on “Nothing achieved Today

  1. Firstly, I certainly can identify with the cartoon! Darn eBay sent me a note that I now have $2 worth of eBay Bucks, so even though I’m not needing anything on eBay, I’ve been out searching today!
    Secondly, I’m liking the green on the horse, looks good with the black horse! I started base coating the horses body today, just slapped on a very dark brown and lighted it for the feathers and tail, my final idea is a red roan color, so brown undertones!
    Thirdly, staying on the Green Knight – have you noticed that there is actually a face under the helmet?? Didn’t see that back in the day and I think the offical GW paint job had the face blacked out!
    Lastly, I do have a damsel that fits that fancy horse!

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