So as a bit of a what have I been up to last year I will start by showing the first and last painted figures from last year.

These were the first painted in 2020. Other ones were finished after Jan 1st but were started between Christmas.
Last completed miniature in 2020.

So having gone back through the posts and media then in 2020 I managed to paint (and complete) the following

6mm Armies: undead, Samurai, Sons of Set, Burmese, Lizardmen, Halflings. I also worked on reducing the 3D builds from 3DAlienWorlds to fit 6mm. It was tricky but I got there in the end.

15mm: Sengoku Monster Hunter Set for my mate including a 3D printed village…

The Japanese Village using the fabulous 3DAlienworlds STL’s

I also started and finished my 15mm Samurai army to be used in either HOTT or DBM…

I also managed to paint some 28mm stuff, not too much to be honest. The printed Lord of the Rings stuff from ‘The Printing Goes Ever On’ took up most of the time along with the Ill gotten games minis and the Neolithic stuff I printed…

Now these are the things I finished and not the things I started and for whatever reason gave up on. Most of March and April was done with the Lizardmen which I very quickly fell out of love for.

I probably spent more time printing than painting this year, an exaggeration but it does feel like I printed more things than painted. still to work on are the roads I printed, my 15mm village and my Hexon tile and my meeple dungeons

The other thing I managed was a diorama, inspired as I was by Dave, Pat and Eric. I just needed a personal spark and it came funnily enough with the Neolithic gear I printed… I spent a good while looking at the various miniatures I had done and things swam into focus… not a human in sight…

Now this thing took a lot of my energy but I have kind of got the bug a bit and already have a couple more planned (at least)…

The first will be a wolf and pups outside a cave, the second is called He’s behind you! Now these are just simple mock ups. I want the wolf to be in a cave among the roots of a tree and the other to be in heavy vegetation.

So where do I see 2021 going… I am really going to try and curtail my purchasing of miniatures, this is two fold, one financial, I am trying not to spend on stuff that will never get done… the Lizardmen army being a case in point, bought, started and then lost all love and belief in the project.

Now I will likely waver, but with the amount of stuff I have to print and the amount of minis I still have to paint then it should keep me in miniatures for a really long while.

Off the top of my head….

On top of this lot, there are more 6mm Samurai coming from a Kickstarter as well as some dogmen for Flintloque I said I would buy from a mate. As I said this lot was off the top of my head. I was mooching for some bits and pieces and found three Gw boxes of miniatures under the bed. Chaos marauder infantry, Lizardmen temple guard and some empire gunners and swordsmen.

First up to paint will be my ‘Green Knight’ and entourage, they probably won’t be green…. just saying

And finally, in case nobody says it to you today or any other day….

16 thoughts on “2020 in Figures

  1. You’ve done a lot of great stuff this year, well done. Well done on the regularity and consistency that you post as well (pretty much every day isn’t it?). It better than I could manage! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Green Knight, one of the best models in the Bretonian range I reckon.

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  2. Well I only joined your party about two thirds of the way through 2020, so it’s nice to see some of the stuff I missed, you have done some cracking stuff (yes that’s how you use it Mark!), and there is some rather nice stuff waiting to be done in 2021 too.

    Here’s to a productive new year!

    Cheers Roger.

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