Tonight was another one where I had to force myself to paint anything. I had based up the goats earlier in the day, but really, really had to push myself to pick up the brush, needless to say I didn’t really get that much done overall.

For the first time ever I actually had to stir up a Contrast paint. The Apothecary White was a lump on the bottom of the pot, it took forever to unlump it (or should that be delump). Anyway you can tell the before and after effect in the photo above. The lady in the blue is the before and the lady in green the after.

So the bases on the goats were done today. I kind of think the bright green grass looks a bit out of place, but otherwise I am happy with them.

The strong wind totally knackered the old caravan, popped one of the windows and shoved in the side, ear the door. We have been meaning to take the thing down for about a year and a half so I think next weekend it really must come down (if it doesn’t come down itself that is).

So back to work tomorrow, I am going to have to remember to phone to get a hire car for Tuesday, otherwise my wife won’t be going into work for her meeting. One of ours is getting some work done for its MOT, so we are down to one car. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the nearest bus stop is 2 miles in either direction and we work in opposite directions too.

11 thoughts on “Maids, Goats and the Witch King II

  1. Look great! I have found with Apothecary White it helps to stir the bottom with a brush or q-tip (cotton swab). Then I personally highlight with an off-white, ( I’ve had a lot of loincloths to paint since April!) Cheers and best of luck with the shed and car.


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