Tonight I mooched around looking for some bits and pieces to make the diorama in the end I settled on some 10mm blue foam and some Noch rock moulds.

I ran a couple of dry fits to see which would work best…

On the above one there was more high ground but I felt it cut down on the space for the rhino so I pushed the hill back a bit and came up with this one…

Now to be honest I preferred this one so I took the bull by the horns and cut it, sensible me would have made the cuts using my hot wire cutter, but silly me decided to do it with a knife!

Anyway this is what it looks like from the other side…

I will build up the flat area a bit with the modelling compound and then build the hill up and blend in the rocks with it too. I will put an indentation into the lower part and make a small pond.

Next stage was to glue everything down and make it secure, which I did with no more nails, probably not the cheapest thing to grab but it was handy and needed using up…

I will see if I have any more rock bits to go along the bottom edge and if so get those glued down and then get the modelling compound on it.

I got called out of work early today as my son had a temperature and as we only had one car I had to leave. Luckily I had cover in as I was on my management day. Anyway I grabbed my thermometer and shot home to get him. Tested his temperature and it read at 35.4 now either it dropped in the hour it took me to get there or he didn’t have a temperature. Now to be fair his best mates Gran has developed Covid so I reckon they weren’t taking any chances and to be honest I would probably do the same if I was in their shoes. They had already had to close down one year group already.

He isn’t going in tomorrow temperature or not, we cannot take the risk of him being sent back home again when I am at work.

10 thoughts on “Diorama… Starting on the Groundwork

  1. Sorry to hear about the kid, hope all stays good. Nice work on that terrain. Love to see how that stuff comes together. Ive tried in the past, but I think I need years more practice and probably more space, before I would get anywhere with it. For now, I just live vicariously through you all!

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  2. At first glance I said wow this looks familiar! a dio base in progress !! great work mate and I myself am pretty chuffed to be one of the lads to have inspired you to do one, will be keen to see your progress.
    As a parent I know how it is a worry in normal times is they show signs of illness in what was once the norm let alone with this bloody virus thing hanging around, so keep safe mate!

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