Today we went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was the first time any of us had seen it on the big screen. The normal 160 people was down to 40 for social distancing. The last time I saw it that empty was for a rerun of Casablanca.

We also eventually got round to sorting out my daughter’s Birthday Takeaway. She eventually settled for the chip shop after running through thoughts of going for Indian, Chinese or Nepalese.

I then unfortunately went down the YouTube rabbit hole and didn’t really get as much done as I wanted. To be brutally honest I couldn’t really be bothered to do anything, but pushed myself to get the goats progressed a bit.

The horns have in fact been painted, not that you can tell!

I was hoping to get some flock on the bases but the brown took ages to dry, so I will get that done tomorrow.

I managed to throw a bit of paint onto the maids and Witch King too

Hopefully I can get them finished tomorrow too.

The wind up here is rather strong at the minute so no Ferries either inter island or to the mainland. Hopefully we won’t have had any panic buying as I need to go shopping tomorrow.

On the conservatory front I managed to stop the drip the other day only to have it return today… as you can imagine I am now getting a bit miffed about this.

6 thoughts on “Maids, Goats and the Witch King

  1. Of course your daughter had to fish and chips! fancy getting to a cinema, now that’s something she will be able to brag about In the future! wish her a happy birthday from us ,probably the most distant birthday wish any one would receive ,oh unless they lived on the moon!

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