Today I got my two new rhino off the build plate, I went for a turning one and as I said a a calf that is either dead or sleeping… I also located my MDF board and set up and idea of where the miniatures could go (one day I might actually make something).

I also printed off some Gatling gun thingies for one of the lads at the club, unfortunately the barrel of one went weird and I lost one too…

He just reminded me he only needed the barrels and not the magazines… whoops.

And finally, I slapped some paint on the goats…

Not a lot, but I think that is the first painting this week…

10 thoughts on “Goats, Gatling’s and a Hairy Rhino (again)

      1. Yep we lost one as they wouldn’t to eat the hay over the winter, cost us a fortune in vet bills. We tried everything but the billy had decided. We were force feeding him in the end to try and keep him going, the Vet gave us probiotics and injections, but alas he didn’t pull through. We had more success with the other two and they pulled through.

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