Today we got my daughters bedroom moved about, it involved a bit of retiring, but luckily I had all the gear so it wasn’t too much of a hassle, except the front plate of the plug stopped working for reasons known only to itself. I will get a new one with USB chargers on it tomorrow.

Anyway today I managed to get this lot printed and some other stuff sliced too…

The mammoth from last night had a bit of bad luck… this boys and girls is the reason why you check the resin vat before going to bed!

I did manage to get some painting done this evening too, not as much as I would have liked but we ate late and I didn’t get as much time as I could have done….

Now these are some of the nine riders so I wanted them to be predominantly black but, with a bit of other colour in there too, just to break things up a bit. Hopefully I will get these finished off tomorrow evening.

I have another mammoth printing overnight and there is a full vat of resin. He will take about 65ml of it. After that more cows and a couple more woolly rhino.

11 thoughts on “A bit of Painting and a bit of Printing

  1. To save up on resin, you can print larger models hollow, using Chitubox’s hollowing function. Don’t know if you’re doing that already? There are tutorials on YouTube should you be interested!

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      1. It definitely saves resin! There are some things to note, though, as you have to put holes in the model so the uncured resin drains out and you can wash the insides too. If there’s uncured resin trapped in the model, it can eventually bust open. You also need holes to alleviate suction created by the hollow space. This video has been a big help:

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