I managed various bits and bobs this evening first off, my mammoth from last night had a failure on the supports under his trunk, rather than redo him, I just added some Greenstuff to make it more trunk like on the bottom…

I also decided that my 6mm Irregular Samurai had been sat in their semi finished state too so they got some more paint added to them and then finally for this evening I eventually got around to sticking my Lizardmen cavalry onto some bases.

I also tried the presupported miniatures today and they came out fine…

The mammoth was printed with automatic supports, plus extra from me.

For some reason the calf lying down does not seem to have cured as well as the rest. I will shove him under a lamp or outside tomorrow if it is fine. I am printing another mammoth off overnight. We shall see what he looks like in the morning.

And finally, we are rearranging my daughters room. She wants her built in bed moving and lowering… o for safe keeping she put her pride and joy on the table for safe keeping… I am convinced it was moving!

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