Just a quick post at lunchtime to say that my test came back Negative. Which got me thinking. Negative is seen as bad, but in this case it is good that I have a negative result. If I had had a positive result then it would be bad….

So here is a photo out of my work window…

Not a bad view really.

I am a bit miffed that they were super speedy with the results as it meant that I had to go into work rather than lounging about for the day.

13 thoughts on “When Negative is Good

    1. Trees, nahhh we basically have two woods on Shetland Kergord and Voxter. We planted 50 willow trees and have done a few more. Most trees up here were gone by the late Iron Age. We have a few pockets of scrubby trees that are still left from then, as an example we have a solitary wild hazel coppice just over the hill from here, to be honest I keep meaning to go and find it… maybe another blog post in the making.

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