I managed to squeeze in a bit of painting this evening and got a teeny bit more done on the Khmer. Not a huge lot, but progress is indeed progress.

The parasol is attached to an howdah. I used a micro drill to get a hole in it then cut off the pin to the right height. Typically I put it on the wrong ‘purple’ elephant! The hero and standard are in the foreground. One will go with the general and the other with a second elephant to act as a sub general, well that is the plan. As it isn’t exactly the world’s largest army then this may change. What may happen is the rider and standard will go onto their own base to act as the hero, that in the long run might be a better idea.

On a different note, the printer still seems to be going okay on the hex tiles, I will soon be able to get some farms printed, these were part of my Gold level tier in the Kickstarter.

And finally, and on another different note, my belated birthday pressie arrived from my mate.

My Precious!

I reckon this is the final book in the collection as sadly they aren’t making any more! I have pretty much all of them in either print or electronically (the majority are print versions).

I was hoping that we would have had some other areas to explore… eg Moria, but sadly not. I was just having a quick look there and someone seems to have picked up the line. 2nd edition was going to cover the Lord of the Rings and Moria so there is hope yet.

10 thoughts on “Back with the Khmer

  1. Caught the last ten minutes of a TV programme on either Saturday or Sunday that looked good – it was about the Khmer (who I’ve heard of) and on Smithsonian Channel (that I never even knew existed)! Had what looked to be some CGI of Khmer armies in battle!

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