If you heard a fell voice on the wind it was probably me explaining (very loudly, with added expletives) why I sometimes hate 3D Printing, I was swearing whilst trying to remove filament from both fans and from the heat block too.

Luckily I checked at the two hour mark rather than the six hour mark.

So if you remember, last night I said I was going for a raft to help secure the print, well one of the armour plates failed and in doing so caused an awful lot of spaghetti. This in turn either went upwards and melted on the heat block or went out and up/down to get itself twisted into both of the fans.

This what what I came in to see…

Please note this is not my printer bed…

You can really tell which one failed…

Spot the culprit!

To be honest, I am not going to waste any more time or filament on this*. This was really just so that I could wear it at a Games day while hosting a game, if I were to be truthful I was already getting a little uncomfortable about potential cultural appropriation. I have set the printer away on some more plains from the Hexon Hills Kickstarter and they are three hours in and absolutely fine.

*wasting time and filament may be reinstated when I get bored, interested or forget what an absolute b*stard this was to print 😉.

6 thoughts on “Kabuto on the Scrap Heap

  1. Awe man, I was so looking forward to the finished product! You’re correct that sometimes using the 3D printer isn’t work the time, effort, filament and frustration!
    Time to get the good old days, crafting kit out! Felt and a sewing machine!


    1. Yeah so was I, I am not sure what was going on, but nothing worked, everything worked up to that point and the one after seems to be working so I honestly cannot say what is going on, it might be Cura throwing a spanner in the works or possibly something I am doing in the cutting into bits, all in all though I am giving it a rest.


  2. Commiserations on the helmet! I’ve found giving new players a katana-shaped ruler to use during games helps everybody get into it easily. Many cheesy movie quotes guaranteed to follow…..


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