The 6mm Khmer have had a bit more paint added this evening. I decided to push on a bit more and got most of the spear shafts done. I also went over the armour on the cavalry and sorted out the elephants to get some white undercoat back on.

I got some colour started on the pads on the elephants too.

You may notice my two parasols made from pins and split lentils. I thought these were going to be a whole lot easier than making them out of Greenstuff.

The other thing I managed to make a start on was the printed civilians in 28mm…

I also started to print the helmet, after about 8 hours I pulled the plug on the first bit as the ends were starting to curl. I swore an awful lot.

I have re-sliced everything and added a raft to them all to try and Stop it happening again. As I have printed these, I am beginning to get worried that the finished helmet is going to be huge. Some of the cutting up has caused problems with the slicing as it won’t let it get onto Cura, all in all a frustrating day in the Printer front.

On a totally different note. A little man dropped a parcel off at my house today to allow me to stick a swab down the back of my throat and up my nose. Sadly I have developed a bit of a cough, personally I reckon it is a cold that has caused my asthma to flare up a bit, but we decided to be better safe than sorry. That is me self isolating until I get the results back which should be either Monday or Tuesday.

The worst part is that the cough pretty much went away after the test. I occasionally do a little, single cough every hour or so, but not like it was this morning. I will keep you posted.

13 thoughts on “Back with the Painting

  1. Happy thoughts from America! Hoping you fail this test, lol!

    I wonder if on the helmet print, if you had the bed plate cool a bit after the first 10-20 layers , I know there is a setting in CURA for that. Honestly, once I’ve gone to Silca glass and hairspray I rarely have a lifting issue.

    Good luck on the printing and the Covid testing!!

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  2. I hope the test shows that you’re COVID-free! The scale difference between 6mm and 28mm is huge. As someone whose not seen miniatures that small before, your picture of them was really striking and made me appreciate how fine the details must be while painting!

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