Sadly not the cute squirrel that helped people People my age cross the road safely when we were in infant school, I never did get to ride in the pedal car (not that I am bitter and Twisted about it… ok…I am).

Yesterday I said I tried some home made tufts and I didn’t like them as I thought they were crap. Luckily I didn’t bin them as I intended to. I put them into the shed and threw them onto the table next to some bases. So today I was fiddling with them and put them on one of the bases and they actually didn’t look too bad.

Okay they are a bit on the large side, but thankfully not too tall as to look weird.

This is them sitting on their sheet of greaseproof paper…

I will put some new batteries in my applicator and make some smaller dots and see what I can come up with.

Sadly no painting tonight as I, for some reason, am knackered. I did get my next lot of minis sprayed white so should be off again tomorrow. Yeah I could have painted the 15mm stuff that is half finished but I really couldn’t be bothered to.

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