I got these based up today, but sadly I have no tufts to add to them like all of the rest. So I will need to put an order in. I tried making my own but the least said about that The better!

I also got the bases levelled on the new stuff… some of them were worse than others…

I rest my case…

I got all of the Irregular stuff ground down and a pile stuck onto lolly sticks. My priority is to get the monks and samurai heroes done

I am going to use some of the mounted ones as messengers with the large silk ‘Horo’. I will make it out of Greenstuff a small ball should do the trick 😂. I also want to do the battlefield Maku screens as well as field defences and more terrain.

My first castle has been shipped from Japan, so it should arrive within the next year I reckon.

Tomorrow I will get the above sprayed white then make a start on them on Friday.

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