Another day of testing the printer… As I said I would I bumped up the cure time to 9 seconds. and it does look a bit better. The problem is that I printed different miniatures to last time.

So from left to right we have:

  • Male villager
  • Town Guard
  • Female villager
  • Lounging bloke
  • Female villager
  • Lady of ill repute.

I found the reason for my layer shift today… a simple case of user error. If you look at the photo below… you will just about see a nut above the Anycubic logo. The twice I have forgotten to tighten it fully then I got a shift.

You can really see it with the two koi below…

So note to self, I will need to ensure that the nut is tightened. It doesn’t matter really with these supportless miniatures, but when I move onto supports then a layer shift can cause a right pain I would imagine.

One other thing of note with these is that these bases are an absolute sod to get off the plate. For the next lot I am going to put a little gap under the edge of the base to allow a blade to fit in easily.

6 thoughts on “Resin Printing… Day 4

  1. Been cat5ching up with blogs stuff after not being at the PC for a day or so. Been very interested in the resin printer- the leaning curve for it looks a bit steeper than with the FDM print- is that fair?

    The detail looks good though- less striations as well.



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    1. Cheers Pete, the learning curve also involves curing and clean up. No stratification that I can see at all. Just soft detail at the minute. So still playing with the settings. But to be honest like the FDM this first bottle of Resin is designed as a test bottle. I did the same with the filament. The other thing to get your head around is that they print upside down. So support is just as important. You can use auto support, but evidently it goes daft, so part of the curve will be adding supports in the correct place 🤞

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  2. Those do look better, was it the Photon Zero you’re using? A review I read stated that it might require higher layer curing times than some printers, so you might experiment with 10 seconds or so as well. Resin printing can be quite the finicky hobby at times!

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    1. Cheers Mikko, I am giving 9 a try at the minute, but will bump to ten next time. I have printed the jailer again just to check it isn’t just a soft detailed mini (I seriously doubt it, but you never know).

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