Halflings and UV Resin fun

I have been promising the kids for a while now that we could get some resin done. So they promised to help me to get the shed cleared out to allow us to set unit up as a craft workshop. This isn’t too bad as it is about 2/3 the size of the house (I have a little house).

So we messed around and set up the various UV lights, one of the bottles of resin had leaked a bit so as I went outside to wash it I suddenly remembered it cured in sunlight and voila easy clean up!

So here are some bits curing under the lights.

And here is a finished pendant as done by my eldest, they did other things as well, but they went as gifts before I got them photographed.

It still needs a trim

We had good fun messing around with the colours. We learned a few things on the way. Safety protocols were in place to keep us safe, just in case you were wondering.

Tonight I didn’t get a huge amount done as friends came over for a Takeout Chinese meal. They were here quite late, so I didn’t get started until gone nine. But at least the halflings are finished.

I came across an unexpected problem with 6mm halfling basing.

I spent ages looking for one of the bases and couldn’t find it anywhere. I l found it when I went to add some flock to the next base…

It’s a case of ‘where are the Halflings?’

Tomorrow, I will finish of the various bits and bobs on the box which is the grand total of two ogres, four wolf chariots, and a few wagons. I will get the skeleton host sprayed too.

Birthday Haul, Cake and Halflings

Today I got a pile of nice things for my birthday…

No surprises as I ordered them for myself, but it was the thought that counts 😂

I am pleased with the Battle Valour stuff as I am the only person to have Some of them cue evil laugh… Mwa ha ha ha . Well okay someone may have ordered from the states, but I got mine from the only uk distributor.

I got some Ashigaru with yari as well as some more samurai. The other new things are the witches and a seer who has a cat face, the. There are the Oni hounds both large and effing huge. I also got Featherstone’s play with yourself book. I am still a bit worried that I might not find anyone to play with.

My eldest made me a cake…

I also managed to get my halflings nearly finished…

Just the bases and weapons to do.

Nature update… we put a feeder up last year for the birds and as a family of starlings was nesting nearby I thought I would help out by adding mealworms and fat balls… they have been very popular, then today this happened…

These are all fledglings

So we had a few popping too and fro…you cannot actually see them all in the photo…See how many there were… these were all youngsters

I have never seen as many fledglings in one place,

Tomorrow I hope to finish my halflings then maybe onto the skeletons, I also found my 6mm road wars stuff that definitely needs finishing.

Super Teeny Halflings

By definition halflings are small, so as you can imagine 1:300 scale halflings are very small indeed.

These were sprayed yesterday so had 24 plus hours to cure. I decided to make them colourful as befits a halfling force. Still a good old bit to do but getting there.

I got an email from Irregular today to say that my parcel was on its way. Now that is a pretty speedy turnaround considering I ordered it on the 4th July and today is the 6th.

That reminds me, tomorrow I can celebrate by getting my Birthday present of more of the Battle Valour Samurai bits and pieces. My mate Martin let me know that they had come into his the country…so I managed to get them before they went onto the online store. I thought they would make a fitting pressie… prepare to be bored by photos of them tomorrow 😂.

Today was a day of ups and downs. Our cat of nearly 15 had to go to the vet and we actually thought we might not be brining him home, but luckily the new Vet decided to do some bloods and gave him a once over and we still have him. He is probably going blind and he has a heart murmur, not to mention a kidney problem… she reckons he has got a bit more time in him yet…but considering when we got him at two weeks old (he had been abandoned) and hand reared him, we didn’t think he would make it through the night as he had been fed cows milk by the lady who found him, after he had been left for a fair old while. He was covered in crap and was a pooh brown colour, it was only when we bathed him that we realised that he was black and white…There were seven in the litter and he had outlasted them all, which considering he was the runt is pretty impressive.