I got these sprayed yesterday and made a start today. They were pretty speedy to get to this level. Probably three hours tops, but I was watching Tomb Raider at the same time…

These aren’t the best sculpts and are probably the worst of the ones I have done so far. They will probably come out fine once they are finished as most things do.

There are eight bases of cavalry, four of bow, eight of hand weapons as well as a couple of hero bases. A Napoleonic Officer has decided to help out as the general and a base of elves have died to help out too (I was one strip short. That will be my elite unit with the red flag.

I also had a mooch today and found my 6mm road wars.

These are my raiders civilians and mutants. I also have a paramilitary force of (basically) Sisters of Battle.

This is my convoy… I need to get the girlies based and painted. Sadly the road wars gear can only be got from the states now. Which is a bit pants as I want some of the big rigs. They also do a nice line in Lizardmen cavalry (which mine are sadly missing).

Tomorrow I hope to get the Skellies finished. Then I may start on the sci fi stuff.

We played with the resin today too…

Once again we had fun…. talking of resin… hopefully I will get a space sorted for the printer soon 🤞

8 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Teeny, Tiny Undead

  1. Wow I really admire people who paint 6mm stuff, I have done it in the past but eyesights not good enough these days!

    That is some great looking scenery you have for your Roadwars mini’s you should submit it to Dave’s Summer Scenery Challenge, he’s OK if you started it before July and isn’t scale specific either.

    Cheers Roger.

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