Well if I ever form a band then I think I have just found the name…

Tonight I did some more work on the 6mm miniatures. You can’t really see where I have been, but they all have had the purple wash, most have had white added back in for faces, as well as white being put onto the legs etc.

To save my sanity, I decided that I would take a break so made a start on the Battle Valour Oni.

These are nearly finished, really just the weapons and items on the belts to do. Hopefully these will get finished tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Sons of Set and the Oni

    1. Cheers Jenn, my kids are older than your little one, so we generally watch a film most nights… I have just done the Harry Potter Boxed Set, tonight we start on the Lord of the Rings. This lets me paint whilst sort of watching.

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