Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and got some more done on the fences…

All 3DAlienWorlds apart from the Buddha

I have misplaced the foam flock that I used on the village roofs. I wanted it for the Tori and the Buddha. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.

The minis and houses have all had two blasts of gloss varnish. I will give them a blast with the Matt one tomorrow.

I also found a pile more 6mm fantasy, some Irregular miniatures Lizardmen and wood elves I think. I also have the sons of Set army too which would probably go well with the Samurai as they are the fantasy version of them.

WordPress is eventually costing me money as I ran out of space last night. I really never expected that day to come, I will just have to take less photos or blog less often….nah, I have two years to fill up 6GB… challenge accepted 😂

6 thoughts on “Work on the Shrine

  1. The shrine looks magnificent! I’m equally impressed by you using up your storage space. That is no small feat and is a tribute to your blogging prowess! I’m sure they’re thrilled to get a little donation from you too haha


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