I spent today cracking on with my mates birthday present. Apart from the Buddha they are all from 3DALIENWORLDS.

I still have a raised area to do for the Buddha and some more roofs for the farm houses. I will do some rice paddies and some more fences to make fields. I will do some more rice stores too. One for him and some more for me.

3DAlienworlds have just posted a list of upcoming files for the Samurai. Very excited! I must be, Facebook informed me that I was a top fan 🤣.

The one thing I am going to do is to print a couple more Nobori banners for my shrine. I was reading somewhere that they were sometimes used to name patrons of the shrine. So a couple would look quite good just before the bridge.

Last check of the printer methinks and then bed. Catch you all tomorrow.

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