Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and tried to get the bow finished… I nearly made it! I only really have the arm guards to paint in the appropriate colour. I did consider painting them all the same one, but in the end decided to let them match the body armour.

As can be seen I have also started on the green armoured Samurai foot. They are all in their clothing and armour colour. I did have a bit of a problem working out which green I used on the cavalry. The conclusion I have come to is that they have had two lawyers of the ork flesh green.

I was very excited to find a couple of parcels waiting for me when I came in for lunch.

First up…

My ancient GW ones apart from the shining silver are pretty much shot. If I put them on a shaker for about an hour they might revive, but I thought I would give these a go… so a nice parcel to get.

The second one was extremely disappointing…

This was my resin… and err I don’t think the mixing cups made it!

Thankfully the resin, although squashed was not damaged. I have asked the seller for some more cups as I think the measurements up the side will be most useful. thankfully it was just some plastic cups, it could have been a whole lot worse!

Tomorrow I hope to carry on with the Samurai. The printer is chuntering away with more Samurai terrain so I will need to make a start on that soon.

10 thoughts on “Samurai Bow…Almost Done

  1. I have about half of those AP metallic paints. I like them very much, but don’t thin them with water, a little acrylic medium if needed, but the results will be poor coverage.
    As to the resin, if you have a decent digital scale that is the way to go, in the is case weight is more accurate than volume.

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  2. Those archers are looking sharp! I hope you like your new Army Painter paints. GW’s metallic paints can be a real chore to work with so hopefully the new ones are easy to use and look great on your models.

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