Today was caravan day. My kids decided another evening and night was to be had in the caravan. So we made burgers on the grill and ate them in the caravan followed by a game of Upwords (which I lost). Before it got too dark to see (and too cold) we plugged the caravan into the house and as I was feeding the cable through the window. I had a peep in the drain inspection pipe and saw water… A sure sign that the septic tank had backed up again.

So in trepidation I opened the lid and sure enough…it had. It wasn’t the worst it has ever been, but it was a very, very close second. An hour later we got it cleared. Luckily I have absolutely no sense of smell!

Anyway after getting cleaned up, we went back into the caravan for a game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit…and I won 😂.

At 23.00 those that were going into the house did so. Looks like the light nights will be here very soon.

It soon won’t be dark!

Sadly I missed most of the bits calls, but we have an Oyster catcher or two and I think a redshank with a couple of Snipe drumming. Quite a peaceful evening.

Soon we will have 23 hours of daylight and a bit of dusk. It doesn’t get dark at all really.

The down side is we won’t get to see this for a good while…

Not filtered, or fiddled with at all..

The top photo and the one above are taken in exactly the same spot. This was the sky in its green stage… I have it in the red and rainbow stages too. Just can’t find them right now.

23 thoughts on “No Painting and a big pile of Poo!

  1. That’s interesting to see , my boss she is from Finland 🇫🇮 and has told me about it being light all day but I still find it hard to believe, thanks for the photos !😎

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    1. As a Finn, I can confirm 😀 Especially if you head up north to Lapland, the sun doesn’t set at all. The flipside obviously is that in the winter there’s approximately a month with no sunrise.

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      1. You do get used to it, and weirdly enough your internal clock does mostly stay in sync. I’ve heard that it can be awful for tourists and expats though – at first at least!

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      2. We are lucky, we don’t get the solid darkness that other places further north get. To put where we are in perspective… a few years ago I did a project with a school in Canada on the same latitude as us. They are trapped by pack ice for several months of the year and have polar bears wandering the town at night. We are lucky that we have the Gulf Stream passing us by, otherwise we would be the same 😁

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      3. Wow mate , isn’t it interesting what we simple modellers learn , I have to say one of my favourite subjects back at school was geography and I am still love learning about other exotic places like yours , it has certainly opened up some great discussions in our house hold !🤔😊

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      1. Well that explains a lot! That’s pretty much Helsinki (where I live in Finland) – but we rarely get any of those lovely lights this far south.

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  2. I remember longer summer days (than here in Massachusetts) when I was stationed near Karlsruhe in the 1980’s – so fun. As a person of 25% Finnish extraction (plus another 12.5% Swedish) I need to travel to Finland some day

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