I printed a few more bits today and put bits together to test them out to see what I think about how it looks.

This is half the depth I want it, so the Buddha is a bit close to the front at the moment. The more astute of you will recall me talking about adding a tiled roof to this Torri gate…. errr I forgot and superglued it in place before I remembered!

The outer area will have a low hedge using clump foliage and where the Buddha is now will have the prayer wall. The whole thing will hopefully be surrounded by a stone wall with a gate.

I am hoping that it will fit in a box file as that is my storage option of choice as they stack easily. If not I will have to improvise. I did just have a bit of a daft thought. If I have the wall on one base and this on another then I will be able to Mitch and match what is within. Something I will have to think about or more likely- totally forget.

6 thoughts on “Further work on the Shrine

  1. I think that is a really sharp. I went to an Asian Art museum in Paris (Musee Cernuchi) many years ago and they had a Buddha about that size so I think you’ve nailed the shrine!

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