Yesterday I kept pressing print after shrinking the files down by 50%.

I printed another Torii gate. This one will have a tiled roof.

I also found a statue of the Buddha On Thingiverse to go in the shrine. I would like to point out I have no idea as to the accuracy of this. To be honest, it’s for a game and as such it will do for the time being.

He will look nice all golden.

The other thing I worked on was the start of the raised section. The biggest problem I am going to have is that as it stands right now it is too thin. I want the stairs to be in the middle so I will either have to print out two more straight sections, which might actually make it too wide. Or I will have to take a straight section and cut it in half in 3D builder. Another option is to forget about the building on it and leave it as is. Put the Torri gate at the base of the steps. I will keep you up to speed as to what I decided. The extra teahouse building won’t be wasted as I can give it to my mate as part of the terrain for his birthday present.

The hollow square will be used to raise the centre section a little bit. As can be seen at present, the centre tile sits at the same height as the surrounding layer. Because I am a pillock I grabbed all of the files that said centre and printed them. I forgot to read the instructions.. therefore I don’t actually know what it is for or where it goes!

I just added it and it looks fine slightly raised. This print takes a long time for what it is, this is due in part to all of the bumps on the top bit. Part of me is considering using 3D builder to just do a flat square with the same dimensions as the textured one.

On the upside 3DALIENWORLDS Have designed some Nobori flags which is something I was going to produce. That saves me a job 😁.

2 thoughts on “Work on the Shrine

  1. While I am not super knowledgeable, I like the Buddha statue and to me, it looks pretty suitable for your project. I know Japan has at least two major religions but I don’t think anybody will fault you if you have a Buddhist temple versus a Shinto one!

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