Nope, fear not I have done anything wrong with the first one, that is still fit and well. I want to use the building part for my shrine and am printing off a second. The building should be just about finished in 10 minutes…

Today was spent printing the various bits for it, I printed the roof overnight and the building this evening. The only thing I need to print now is the water feature, as I seem to have messed up savings file. The stone bench is called water feature on the memory stick! As it took only 6 minutes to print I am not that bothered. I needed it anyway.

Apart from that I think I have got everything done to get the teahouse build in its entirety.

The other thing I printed last night was a doggy!

Down Boy! Where is Barbara Woodehouse when you need her!

Sadly he is now a three legged doggy as some pillock snapped one off today!

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