I de died not to paint anything tonight, no real reason, I just decided to print some bits and pieces instead. I also had a look at my new toys 😂

So the above is the start of my shrine idea. It will have a raised platform in the centre and the Torii gates will be outside of the main gateways.

I am printing off The tearoom as I type this. The main building should be ready in about 2 hours and I will print the roof off tomorrow. It will become the small building in the corner of the sketch below.

I am so pleased with these STL’s. They really are awesome and well worth the money I paid. I will definitely be on the look out for some more bits from them as they come along.

The other thing I tried was the sashimono. Now I decided to shrink them to 50% as they are for 28mm miniatures. I think I might have shrunk them a bit too much!

That’s a peanut…not a jumbo peanut 😂

Now on the up side, I am really pleased that the printer managed something this small 😁

My new Samurai miniatures came today and I am really chuffed with them. Don’t get me wrong I love my Tin soldier ones. These will be for Skirmish gaming.

My plan is to get the Tin soldier Army finished before moving onto these.

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